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The great cross procession and anniversary of the Metropolitan Onufriy showed true purposes and the level of real support of the Ukrainian autocephaly

The patriarch Bartholomew repeatedly noted in his public statements that “the main goal of granting autocephaly to Ukraine was aspiration to cure the existing schism and to restore church unity in the country”. And that the Constantinople patriarchate was pushed by “the addresses and requests of most of the Ukrainian believers” and also unconditional rights and the privileges of the Ecumenical throne supported by all Orthodox world “to act as the highest church authority, to accept appeals against decisions of other Local churches and to grant autocephaly, without necessity to accept anybody’s other opinion”. ....mehr

„Game of Patriarchal Thrones“ in Ukrainian Orthodoxy

On May 24, at the initiative of the Primate of the „Orthodox Church of Ukraine“ („OCU“) Epifaniy, „prompted by“ the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew, the Holy Synod of the so-called „OCU“ was held, at which its participants discussed the situation in the Church after receiving autocephaly and the latest public statements and actions of the Honorary Patriarch of „OCU“ Filaret. According to the results of the Synod, its members did not allow, but only temporarily froze the split within the „OCU“, which was caused by the fundamentally different personal strategies of Bartholomew and Filaret. ....mehr

New Media and the Impoverishment of Spiritual Life

Last summer, famed Orthodox patrologist and philosopher Jean-Claude Larchet, Ph.D. made a jarring suggestion at a session of the International Conference on Digital Media and Orthodox Pastoral Care in Crete (DMOPC18). The Orthodox Church should, in his view, officially call for Her faithful to abstain during fasting periods from using the internet in general and social media in particular. Dr Larchet said, in part: “Completely cutting oneself off from media of any kind during the Lenten periods is an ideal solution for finding the hesychiaindispensable to the deepening of the spiritual life, which is precisely the main goal of the fasting periods.” ....mehr

Inthronisation in Chicago

Am heutigen Tag hat die Griechisch-Orthodoxe Metropolie von Chicago die Inthronisation ihres neuen Metropoliten gefeiert. Der neue Metropolit Nathanael sprach von einem Neubeginn in seiner Diözese. Das berichtet Newswire.

Ebenso versprach der Bischof, Christus den Gläubigen näher zu bringen. Das solle nicht durch die Konzentration auf die Finanzen, sondern durch eine lebendige Spiritualität geschehen. Der Nachfolger des Metropoliten Iakovos will die Probleme der Kirche Chicagos angehen. Die Beziehungen zwischen leitenden Mitarbeitern der Metropolie, Gläubigen und Angestellten ist zerrüttet. Vorwürfe der Gläubigen, Metropolit Iakovos habe Missbräuche in seiner Metropolie nicht beachtet, hätten zu Problemen innerhalb der Metropolie geführt. (ar)